Just imagine…

On a to-die-for day, in peak season, only staff occupies the clubhouse, the practice tee is vacant, except for virgin Titleist golf balls and the car park is completely empty. There is not a soul on any part of the golf course. On a more typical day, several members may be playing with their guest, CEO’s may be playing with a few 1st Ballot Hall of Famers, and on occasion, there may be several members playing with their families all out for a few hours of relaxation.

In a world that is nonstop, there are rare occasions where time stands still. Foster’s Farm promises to be the most relaxing place on earth. When a member schedules a visit, forget cash, no cards are accepted. Enjoy your cocktails, fine cigars, gourmet dinners, spa sessions, luxurious villas, private estates and great golf or for that matter, whatever works! Distractions simply will not be tolerated.

Though the club will remain casual, unpretentious and incredibly friendly, the members will appreciate the comfort, style and class on display at Foster’s Farm. Understated elegance and relentless attention to detail will define Foster’s Farm hospitality. The staff, meticulously assembled, hand-selected and well trained will adhere to the Club’s “Commitment to Exceptional Service” pledge. In short, nothing supersedes the commitment to service the membership.

Member’s will find that by design everything at Foster’s Farm is self-contained, with accommodations and all meals served on property. The menu addresses the basics; however, by request, members can have any dish served to their liking. At Foster’s Farm words alone are not enough to describe “The Experience.”