After four generations and over a century cultivating the fields, the Foster family of Amelia County, Virginia presents its farm as the setting for a tradition whose time has come. The land has been nurtured. The soil, though idle, is very fertile. The topography is changed only by nature’s blessing. The roads unpaved. The farmhouse, though stressed, still stands. Today the sleeping fields rest, waiting to be awakened by opportunity.

Foster’s Farm isn’t on any map! As a matter of fact, you cannot find Foster’s Farm without explicit directions and that’s exactly the way it’s suppose to be. The Club’s “Pledge of Confidentiality” will introduce uncompromising levels of privacy. The mystique will be maintained by a decisively low profile. Uninvited attention and clamor will be avoided at all cost. In a few short years, the Club will achieve remarkable stature in the world of golf. Membership will be so much more than access to a private club. The prestige and prominence will exceed expectations.

Few attributes contribute to one’s style of life and leisure like private membership. Golf, sometimes more than a recreational challenge, can be an escape from everything that is normal and routine in life. At Foster’s Farm, you can forget about deals and deadlines. Refresh your spirit in solitude and seclusion. Outside interruptions simple will not be tolerated. PRIVACY MATTERS!

The Golf Club at Foster’s Farm will consist of an ultra-private championship golf course, luxurious villas, private member owned estates, portions of which will be around a beautiful lake and natural streams and other water features, maintenance facilities, a grand clubhouse, state-of-the-art practice & teaching facilities including a driving range, short game area, and, multiple putting greens. In addition, Foster’s Farm, in the 1st phase of development will offer to members private 2nd home estates, all located within the gated grounds of Foster’s Farm. Further, 5-7 Club owned villas will be available to members and the guest of members. Finally, Foster’s Farm plans to add a world-class spa facility, equestrian center and state-of-art athletic center.